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Dataset Title:  Thermosalinograph data collected aboard Sikuliaq in WMO square 7514 from 2019-
06-26T07:47:00Z to 2019-06-30T12:33:00Z.
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Institution:  NCEI, NOAA   (Dataset ID: sikuliaq_sst)
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    trajectory ?  =  225 options
    platform1 ?  =  1 option: Sikuliaq

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trajectory platform1
WDG7520_201502_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201503_7517 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201503_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201504_5000 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201504_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201504_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201504_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201504_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_5000 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201507_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201508_5000 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201508_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201508_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201508_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201508_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201509_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201509_7713 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201509_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201509_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201509_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201510_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201510_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201510_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201510_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7414 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201511_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201512_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201602_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201602_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201603_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201604_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201604_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201605_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201605_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201606_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201606_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201607_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201607_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7512 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7513 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201608_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201609_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201609_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201609_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201610_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201610_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201610_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201610_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7215 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7216 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7316 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7416 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201611_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7110 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7210 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7211 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7213 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7214 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7215 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201612_7313 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201701_7110 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201701_7210 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201701_7211 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7211 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7212 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7213 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7214 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7215 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201702_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201703_7214 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201703_7215 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201703_7313 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201703_7314 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201704_7313 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201704_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201704_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201705_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201705_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201705_7513 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201705_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201705_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201705_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201706_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201706_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201706_7617 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201707_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201707_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201707_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201707_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201707_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201708_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201708_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201708_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201708_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201708_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7414 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201709_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201710_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201710_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201710_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201711_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201803_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201803_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201803_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201804_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201804_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201804_7513 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201804_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201804_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201804_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201805_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201805_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201805_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201805_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201806_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201806_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201806_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201806_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201806_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201806_7617 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201807_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201807_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201807_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201807_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201807_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201808_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201808_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201808_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201808_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201809_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201809_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201809_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201809_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201810_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201810_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201810_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201810_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201810_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201811_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201811_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201812_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201812_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201812_7414 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201812_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201901_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201902_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201903_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201904_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7311 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7312 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7513 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201905_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201906_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201906_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201906_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201906_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201907_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201907_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201907_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201908_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201908_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201908_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201908_7614 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201909_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201909_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201909_7414 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201909_7513 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201909_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201909_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201910_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201910_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201910_7414 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201910_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201910_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201911_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201911_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201911_7616 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201911_7714 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201911_7715 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201911_7716 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7412 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7413 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7414 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7415 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7514 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7515 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_201912_7516 Sikuliaq
WDG7520_202001_7412 Sikuliaq

In total, there are 225 rows of distinct combinations of the variables listed above. All of the rows are shown above.
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